The Last Meals Of Wrongfully Executed Inmates

The Last Meals Of Wrongfully Executed Inmates

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Types of Privacy

Most informative, a must read.

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You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners

“You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners”.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

The last executions in the UK took place in 1964, with capital punishment for murder being abolished in 1969 (1973 in NI)  subsequently it was abolished in all circumstances in 1998. Since 2004 the UK has been prohibited from restoring capital punishment as long as it is party to the European Convention on Human Rights. Despite this, recent opinion polls suggest that the majority of the British population remain in favour of capital punishment.

In stark contrast, the death penalty in a majority of US states is flourishing, as of January 1st 2012 there were 3189 people on death row.  Matthew B. Robinson, PhD Professor of Government & Justice Studies of the Appalachian State University offers an explanation as to why:

  • History & Culture: The US has a long history & culture of violence, individualism and revenge, this fits well with capital punishment
  • Capital punishment in the United States persists mostly for historical, political, ideological, religious, economical, and social reasons
  • It is politically popular to support death; in all but a few states it is virtual political suicide to oppose it.
  • Politicians play to law & order / death penalty card very effectively (politics of fear).
  • Crime and (and now terrorism) has replaced communism as the enemy
  • Capital punishment is still used to intimidate and repress, it used to win elections
  • Vengeance, Retribution and Deterrence.
  • Public Support, the population has endorsed it. In the UK & Europe abolition was pursued and established by higher authorities regardless of popular general public support.
  • The Marshall hypothesis; people do not understand the reality of the death penalty (and politicians work to keep them in ignorance)
  • The US death penalty is “held in place emotionally not rationally.”

It may be a prerequisite that (most of) those in the US who desire a political career endorse the death penalty. As Robinson points out; it is political suicide to not support it. Inevitably this ensures that anyone who openly opposes capital punishment will (probably) never get elected.

The epitome of a politician thriving in this curious environment is Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas. Perry is responsible for authorising 234 executions (ensuring audience applause at the GOP debate), considerably more than his predecessor and closest competitor, George W. Bush (who earned the nickname “Texecutioner”) for playing his part in 152 Texas executions. Perry stated that “If you don’t support the death penalty…don’t come to Texas.” His enthusiasm ensured that in 2002 Perry vetoed a bill which would have prevented the death penalty being handed to mentally retarded inmates.

The execution of Cameron Todd Willingham in 2004 was a gross miscarriage of justice. The forensic evidence which ensured that Willingham was sent to the death chamber has now been described by accredited experts as ‘junk science‘. Despite the desperate last-minute appeals and detailed reports completely discrediting the forensic evidence against Willinham, Rick Perry declined to  intervene. In a later, post execution response to allegations that he allowed the execution of an innocent man, Perry stated that Willinham “was a wife beater.” & “Monster”.

In August 2009 Chicago Tribune concluded that : “Over the past five years, the Willingham case has been reviewed by nine of the nation’s top fire scientists—first for the Tribune, then for the Innocence Project, and now for the commission. All concluded that the original investigators relied on outdated theories and folklore to justify the determination of arson”.

Despite the evidence proving that Cameron Todd Willingham was innocent of arson and the murder of his children, Rick Perry will never be able to recognise it, nor accept that Willingham was innocent. Any acknowledgement from Perry that the entire Texas judicial system failed to prevent the execution of an innocent man will irreparably damage the illusion that the system is just, fair, safe and infallible. The political career of Rick Perry depends on maintaining the fallacy, he has no choice but to continue to ignore the truth.


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Michael Stone ~ A miscarriage of justice?

Michael Stone‘s conviction lacks empirical evidence, his conviction was based on an alleged confession made to another prisoner via a gap in the cell wall. Stone insists that the confession never took place and his supporters point out that the facts contained in the confession had been published that morning in several national newspapers.

John Aidiniantz runs a website about Michael Stone (see links below), additionally other sites such as provide further details. These sites and articles continue to cast significant doubts on the validity of Stone’s conviction. Despite this, Michael Stone remains behind bars.

If Michael Stone is innocent, then did his conviction allow the real murderer to continue to kill?

Information on Michael Stone

Come in, come into our reception
by Michael Stone

Come in, come into our reception
We will soon change your perception.
Thought out in civvy street you were a Mr. Nice?
We’ll soon make you as cold as ice.
We will use you,
we will abuse you.
We will confuse you,
By then we will amuse you!
You will laugh if you see others cry.
You will have hysterics when others die.
We are gonna change you,
Into a mean, mean guy.
We can’t have you out there in the gutter.
Come in, you’re our bread ‘n butter.
A sign by our door says, ‘we’re impartial’.
True! We’ll make anyone into a right rascal!

We will assess you.
We will test you.
We will molest you.
By then we will impress you.

You’ll see the life of a bully is grand.
We’ll get you to join our band.
Exploit the vulnerable, pick on the weak.
We’ll prepare you for civvy street.
We can’t have you running around free.
Come in, you provide our tea.
A sign by our door says,’we’re not prejudiced’.
True! We’ll make anyone into a recidivist!
You aint seen the likes of us perform.
We’ll soon make you conform.
We’ll degrade you, hurt you in everyway.
You’ll become more like us everyday!
You’ll cheat, steal and lie.
That’s it lad, ‘stab him in the eye’.
‘Kick him in the throat’.
‘Put a mars bar down his boat’. You will hate us while we love you.
You will love us while we hate you.
We’ll make you mentally unstable.
Coz you put the food on our table.
Come in, come into our reception.
We wanna change you perception.
Watch us drive the weak to suicide.
See how after, the truth we hide!
Lad, do you know what a deaf eye is?
How about a blind ear?
Go and cut a nonse,
Or bash a queer, that’s the way my dear!
Throw boiling water over a grass.
Or if he’s pretty, gang rape his arse.
But don’t get caught calling the chaplain a tart.
Instead wait till Sunday church and let out a big fart!

We will cage you.
We will outrage you.
We will re-arrange you.
By then we’ll have deranged you.
We can’t have you out there a success.
Come in, you’re soon become a mess.
Thought out in civvy street you’re a Mr Right?
We’ll soon teach you how to fight.
First you find the ideal opponent.
Someone old, fragile or weak.
Make sure he has no help or mates.
Then attack him as he sleeps.
For dinner your gonna have goo.
For ya tea, some more too.
You’ll hate us through and through.
We’ll make a monster out of you!

Come in, come into our reception.
We will soon change your perception.
Thought out in civvy street you could go straight?
One way or another we’ll get you through our gate!
We’ll soon make you into a repeat offender.
Smoke some gear lad, go on a bender.
If you’re guilty of a crime, we’ll give you a right good time.
Luxuries, rewards, privileges and incentives lad.
See life’s so bad.
You just make sure you’ve left plenty of people out there real sad.
If you did no wrong that’s okay.
We’re still make sure you stay.
For someone else’s wrong you’ll pay.
In fact we like it better that way!
Coz you feel more tormented.
We’re make you even more demented.
No telly, no steaks, you’ll do it rough.
Time we’re through, you’ll be super tough.

Come in, come into our reception.
Come and learn the art of deception.
Come and learn the tricks of the trade.
See how many beasts we’ve made.
We will fill you with venom.
We will fill you with bitter hate.
Oh, we’re proper shape you up ready for the gate.
Give us your body.
Give us your heart.
Give us your mind.
We’ll make you one of our kind.

Come in, come into our reception.
We’re gonna change your perception.
Callous, cold and ruthless you’ll soon be.
Your better nature we’ll soon make History!

Michael Stone
H M Prison
Full Sutton
York YO41 1PS

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All the old posts are now deleted, mostly they were a load of shite anyway, re-reading some of them made me cringe.

Perhaps  I can write some better content this time around… or not.

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